This course is designed to support those who are participating in a Level 1 freestyle workshop or series of lessons. It is a self-guided course, meaning that you will use the materials in this course, your notes from your live training experience, and the Total Immersion videos to work through this course. Practices are outlined for you, but there is no schedule or time limit for how you will work through each lesson. You will work at your own pace.

This course will take you through 6 stages of building the fundamental skills for the freestyle stroke.

These order of these lessons:

  1. Balance The Body
  2. Alignment Of Body Parts
  3. Stability And Rotation
  4. Recovery
  5. Entry And Extension
  6. Breathing

Each stage has a series of skills to master, and a test to measure how well you have integrated those skills. You may move on to following stages before you master the first, but the following skills are dependent on the preceding ones. The stronger the foundation, the easier it is to build skill on top of it.


Course Content

Sections Status

Freestyle Funamentals Introduction


Section 1: Balance the Body


Section 2: Alignment of Body Parts


Section 3: Stability and Rotation


Section 4: Recovery


Section 5: Entry and Extension


Section 6: Breathing


Section 7: Completion