Join Our Master Class Breathing Course

A 2-month (8 week) coach-guided course leading you into rhythmic breathing that fits smoothly into your  stroke cycle.

This Master Class is divided into 2 stages, with 4 weeks. There are 3 practices assigned in each week, for a total of 24 practices. It is centered around an 800 m test swim, which you can perform in intervals or one continuous swim. A test swim is assigned at the beginning, after the first stage, and at the end.

Each week the practices will focus on some feature of breathing, in terms of head position, timing, and air management. And each week the practices will focus on some feature of your body control and stroke pattern which supports easier breathing.

Practices may be repeated more than once during the week if desired.

You may leave reports on your practices and questions in your Personal Discussion Zone where your coach will respond to you each week, guiding your analysis of results and decision process.


$80 per month for the coach-guided course.

$60 flat fee, paid at start, for the self-guided course if you have already gone through one of our coach-guided courses previously.


2 months.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Please see the terms.


This course will develop breathing skills such as head position, body position, timing, air managements, and breathing patterns.


This membership is suitable for those who have begun work on Level 1 skills and can swim at least 200 m continuously.


Access to our training library.

Access to the full course practice plan.

Access to your Personal Discussion Zone for coach-guided courses. (Not included in self-guided courses)


Required Equipment

Other than you swim suit, goggles and swim cap (if you prefer), we strongly recommend that you also acquire a Finis Tempo Trainer (between $35 to $50 USD). Many of the assignments in this course will use one. It is one of the best pieces of training equipment you can have in your bag.

You may find one for sale on the site, on, and on Look for one on sale.