Join Our Training Plan 5K Course

The Training Plan 5K will help you prepare to swim your first 5000 meters in open water, or swim a faster 5000 meters.

This 4-month (16 week) training plan 5K is divided into 3 cycles – a 5-plus-1 recovery week cycle, followed by two 4-plus-1 recovery week cycles. And a suggested test swim at the start of each cycle, spanning 16 weeks until the race or the final test swim.

The practices will focus on improving your control and consistency in stroke length, in stroke tempo, and in sustainable pace. Over the cycle the distances and intensity will gradually increase to expand both your technique and fitness together.

There are 4 recommended practice patterns per week with progressive assignments, for a total of 52 practices. If you can do more practices per week then you are encouraged to repeat those practices of that week which have felt most productive to you.


$80 per month for the coach-guided course.

$120 flat fee, paid at start, for the self-guided course if you have already gone through one of our coach-guided courses previously.


4 months.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Please see the terms.


This course will further develop your control over stroke length and stroke tempo, building more consistent, and stronger pace as distances gradually increase.

For improvement in control over stroke length and tempo, many features of your body position, stroke patterns and breathing patterns will be addressed in the assignments also.


This membership is suitable for those who have strong proficiency of Level 1 skills, who have some experience in Level 2 skills, who have some comfortable experience swimming over 2km continuously in open water, and are now ready to work on Level 2 skills under longer distances and more challenging conditions.


Access to our training library.

Access to the full course practice plan.

Access to your Personal Discussion Zone for coach-guided courses. (Not included in self-guided courses)


Required Equipment

Other than you swim suit, goggles and swim cap (if you prefer), we strongly recommend that you also acquire a Finis Tempo Trainer (between $35 to $50 USD). Many of the assignments in this course will use one. It is one of the best pieces of training equipment you can have in your bag.

You may find one for sale on the site, on, and on Look for one on sale.

And, you will need access to open water for some of your training. This is an open-water specific course, after all!