Master Class 1K

Master Class 1K

A 3-month (12 week) coach-guided course leading you to achieve your first 1000 meter or a faster 1000 meter swim – with greater ease and enjoyment.

The course provides 3 practice each week over 12 weeks. These practices follow a weekly pattern to develop your control over stroke precision and quality, stroke tempo and stroke length. Continuous distance and sustained pace will be gradually increased over the course.  At least one rest week is recommended along the way. Practices may be repeated during the week if desired.

You may leave reports on your practices and questions in your Personal Discussion Zone where your coach will respond to you each week, guiding your analysis of results and decision process.


$80 per month


3 months

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Please see the terms.


This membership is suitable for those who have some proficiency of Level 1 skills and are ready to work on Level 2.


This course will develop catch, synchronization, breathing stroke skills. It will develop control and consistency for stroke length, stroke tempo, and sustainable pace.

Included In Membership

  • Access to our training library.
  • Access to the full course practice plan.
  • Access to your Personal Discussion Zone.



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