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Mat Hudson

Hello Susan and Pat!

Here are some notes on what we covered in our first session together…

Here are some notes on what we covered today…

3 Main drills:

  1. Torpedo
  2. Superman
  3. Skate


For making it easier to remember details we may divide body into 3 sections for scanning and organizing focal points:

  1. head-spine
  2. arms-shoulders
  3. legs-hips


Training activities in order of complexity:

  1. Rehearsal
  2. Drill
  3. Drill (3 seconds) + 4 strokes
  4. 8 strokes (no breathing)
  5. 8 strokes (with one breath)
  6. 1 length (with some form of breathing)

You may read more about designing a practice set using these activities in How To Design A Task.


The focal points we covered in those drills:

Weightless Head – Let head stay in line with spine, completely supported by the upward pressure of the water.

Shishkabob spine – image a metal shish stick sticking through your spine from top of head to ankles. Rotate around this line.

Tippy Toes – image lengthening the body, as if reaching for a high shelf, to engage deep core and keep thigh and hips aligned with shishkabob

Arms On Tracks – each lead arm slides into the water on this track and stays on its own track in front of the shoulder.

Heavy Lead Arm – let the weight of the lead arm hang a bit deeper in the water, adding weight to the front of the body, transferring a bit of weight off the lower body.

Open Armpits – increase weight in front by sliding the shoulders forward also, opening the arm pits. Reach within passive flexibility range, do not strain or tense to do this.

Lead Hand On Target – keep the lead hand (in Superman or Skate Position) at a target depth just lower than the lowest part of your body. ‘Do not break the thin ice’ by pushing down nor letting the hand drift upward toward the surface – let it slide forward on the ‘thin ice’.

Air On The Scapula – to feel appropriate rotation angle in Skate Position, you should feel air on the back of your shoulder blade, not on the side of your arm.

You may view some demonstrations of these drills on our Video Tutorial page.

You may find photos and outlines of the main Total Immersion Perpetual Motion Freestyle drills (which include Superman and Skate, but not Torpedo) on the Freestyle Resources page.

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~ Coach Mat