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Monene Murray

So, I did not do any swimming in the rest week due to travelling.

20 /6 : Did the Baseline Test Swim #2

Did 2700m in 1h01min ( first baseline swim on 18/4 was 2150m in 1 hour)

Feel very proud of myself !

Quality rating – **

I have attached the measurement from my watch, that shows the slits.

Compared to the baseline swim, I feel that the big change is that I have moved from the tension in my neck to focussing on my core – big win for me !

I have found that when I get tired ( in this case it was at 2200m), the old pattern of “driving from my neck” still wants to kick in but I can quickly refocus it to having a schichkabob and long body. Probably still need more practice to get the neural pathways embedded more.

Starting with week 6 tomorrow…

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