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    Mat Hudson

    Practice Group – June 2


    Warm Up

    300 Silent Swim, you may mix stroke styles

    3 rounds of:

    • 50 fist swim
    • 50 open hand
    • 50 brisk tempo
    • choose a different focal point for each round


    Tune Up

    4 rounds of (25+50+75)

    Coach or swimmer may choose new focal point (or repeat a focal point) on each round.


    Main Set

    Faster Tempo Adaptation

    6 rounds of (3x 50)

    Choose your fastest comfortable tempo (TF) to start with.

    Choose an focal point which you want to improve on faster tempos. Maintain precision as far into the set as you can.

    • Round 1: Tempo at TF
    • Round 2: TF – 0.03
    • Round 3: TF – 0.06
    • Round 4: TF – 0.09
    • Round 5: TF – 0.12
    • Round 6: TF – 0.15

    If you feel like you have adapted – established precision with your focal point – during one tempo step, you may progress to the next round. If you feel like you need more time to adapt, remain at the same round (same tempo) for another round. If you feel like you can no longer adapt, then stop the set. This is your limit for the day.

    ~ Coach Mat

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