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    Visualization is to simply imagine going through the motion of the stroke, or just some part of the stroke, and to do this with full concentration and attention to each detail but without moving any part of your body.

    There are (at least) two parts of the brain that make a motion happen – the pre-motor control section and the motor control section. The first one plans the action and the second one makes it happen. Those (like artists or athletes) who practice just carefully imagining the motions they are going to make actually prepare their bodies to take those actions.

    To that pre-motor control section of the brain it is as if they were actually doing the motions – the same kind of neural stimulation was happening – and this part of the brain reinforced the circuits to prepare for that action like it normally does the micro-seconds before one does real actions.

    Of course, this ‘training in your imagination’ would not likely allow one to perfect every aspect and detail of a complex movement but it can do a lot to make it better – and more importantly, it can be done anywhere a person can quiet down and concentrate inside their own imagination – at home, in a chair, in bed, in the shower!

    Here are some skill areas that I think this technique could be used upon:

    • Recovery Arm shape and flow
    • Catch shape and path
    • 2-Beat Kick shape and rhythm
    • Head position and timing in breathing
    • Removing fear about swimming into deeper water
    • Swimming at a faster tempos

    Can you think of more?

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