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    Four Essential Features Introduction

    There are many skills that need to be in place for the freestyle stroke to work well and feel good. We have organized them into what we call the Four Essential Features of the Freestyle Stroke. They are listed in their order of priority, in the order they are best learned. The first skills in place set the stage for the second, and so on.

    When these four features are in place, working together, you are in position to experience the ‘magic’ of a smooth, rhythmic stroke. If one of these features are missing, or far less developed than the other features, then you may not be able to tap into that satisfying stroke motion so easily.

    Here are the four features in your stroke:

    1. Lengthened, firm Spine Frame
    2. Long, straight, stable Streamline Shape
    3. An stroke which Sends Force Forward through the Recovery Swing and Entry
    4. Optimal timing to connect Rotation, Catch and Entry Arms

    Over the course of our lesson series we work through each of these, making sure you have the essential features in place.

    With these four features in place, you are set up for much easier breathing. So, the lesson on integrated breathing typically comes after you have been introduced to and worked on these features.

    In our first lesson, we typically work through the first two features on this list: Build The Frame and Form Streamline Shape. In the second lesson we work on Build Forward Momentum and Make First Connections. In the third and/or fourth lesson we Integrate Breathing, while going back over and reinforcing the four features.

    You may read more about each of these in the following introductions:




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