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    If you are in the 5K Run Training Program then you will be assigned a test run about every four weeks. Choose a convenient 5 km (3 mile) course. You may use the course we have marked out for our group in Wallace Park.

    If you are in the Half-Marathon Training Program, since you are gradually building up distance toward running 13.1 miles continuously, your weekly distance runs will serve as your regular Baseline Test Run.

    For your test runs you are measuring not only distance and time, but also quality – how it feels.

    The rules are simple:

    Choose a course where you know the distance – either by GPS watch or measured before hand on a map.

    Then you time how long it takes you to finish that assigned distance, relatively pain-free. If you need to walk most of the way to keep it pain-free, or alternate between walking and running, or run sprints with rest intervals, that is OK. This is simply a measure of your current ability to move this distance while maintaining your best standard of quality in form.

    If you cannot finish the distance without inducing some pain (a warning that something is wrong and is going to get worse if you keep going), then this is where you will stop and record the time and estimated distance. Our objective in this program is to cover this distance with efficient, pain-free quality, not to finish the distance at any cost to your body. 

    Before the test run you will simply go through a warm-up routine that is familiar to you, then start the test run.

    Pay attention to your sense of effort during the entire test run. Note the time at which you feel any changes in pace, energy, and focus. These may be important markers for measuring your progress during the training program.

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