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    BSP Pyramid

    At the start of our course we examined the Balance Streamline Propulsion (BSP) Pyramid which organizes the sequence of skills we develop.

    Balance is the foundation for everything we do in the stroke. The better your balance, the easier it will be for the body to create more streamline shape. The better your streamline shape, the easier it will be to apply a little propulsive force and slide further through the water.

    Physics and physiology urge us to follow this path in developing the skills – training the body from the spine outward to the appendages. So we start with training the head and spine and core of the body.

    This gives us not only the path to follow in building the skills, it also show us the order of investigation when we feel things falling apart.

    When something in your body does not feel as good as it should, or when your metrics reveal something is failing, then start by looking for a root problem in your Balance. If that looks good according to your standards, then look for problems in your Streamline. Only after you have searched for and solved any problems in the lower levels of your foundation do you then search for and solve your problems with propulsion.


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