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    This course is meant to guide your integration of the fundamental skills for freestyle. You may take as long as you like, and go over the practices as much as you need to. Some skills might come quickly, while others take more time for your body to feel, improve and automate.

    Will you achieve total mastery?

    No. But you will become a better swimmer this week than you were last week, and over time with this mindset you will become masterful. Don’t lose sight of how far you’ve come. 

    Even masters of these swimming skills realize the fundamental can be developed to deeper and deeper levels. But, even a new swimmer should experience a sense of ease and find their habits forming around these skills to the extent that they become your preferred way of being and moving in the water. You should experience your body sliding through the water better, and feeling like the same work requires less effort than it used to – perhaps quite dramatically so.

    The stronger these fundamental skills become the easier it will be to develop advanced skills – like the 2-Beat Kick, the Catch,  synchronization of the entire body, and to control stroke length and stroke tempo.

    How do you measure success? Or when to move on?

    Your quality objective in this course is to feel in control of your experience in the water – you feel more balanced, more aligned, more streamlined, and to feel that less movement is required to move forward. You know what to do to make those happen.

    When you start to feel those sensations regularly, and feel capable of putting yourself into that state in each practice, then you may be ready to work on those advanced stroke skills. At that point you may seek out some private lessons, take one of our advanced live or online courses. Or you may learn from the patterns and principles embedded in each of our training courses, and study our Self Coaching 101 course and become your own best coach.

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