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    Our training courses have provided structure and a general practice pattern for you. But, there may be some decisions you should make in order to make each practice fit you even better…

    Practice Design Decisions

    Decision #1 – Choose Skill Projects

    In each week of the training plan there are certain skill projects assigned, so you don’t need to change this unless you have a reason to.

    In most of our training plans you will work on the same skill projects for the entire week, and work on them in different modes according to the practice type. In each practice of the week, you may decide which of those assignments you will work on today. You may work on more than one.

    Decision #2 – Choose Appropriate Drills

    There may be a combination of drill and whole stroke activities assigned. You will need to choose which drill fits the skill project. The drill activities you choose should match the complexity level you feel you need to work at in this skill. See Level 1 Activities And Complexity for a description of those levels.

    You may select a drill from those you learned in your live training experience, or you may take one from the Perpetual Motion Freestyle (PMF) video series, or from the Ultra-Efficient Freestyle (UEF) video series.

    You may view this chart that lists the drills in each video series which shows which skill sets each drill is meant to develop.

    Decision #3 – Choose Focal Points

    For each skill project there are a menu of focal points you have learned already in your live training experience. You may review the standard TI focal points on the Freestyle Drill Resources page, or use some from our 101 Focal Points page, or one from your live training notes. Focal points are tools-not-rules, so please use one that works best for you to achieve the assigned quality, and use it properly.


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