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    Run Form Practice

    Form practices are intended to be easy on the body while requiring highest effort in attention. You are practicing deep sensitivity to what your body is doing. These practices are most suitable for when your muscles and joints are getting accustomed to new movement patterns and when your attention needs tuning.

    Form practice may involve intervals, where you may alternate between ‘run / walk’ or you may keep running while alternating between ‘attention on / attention off’.

    In Stage 1 (or Track 1), while building basic fitness around new movement patterns, you may use ‘run / walk’ intervals. This allows your tissues to work for a bit then rest and adapt, rather than build up stress and risk soreness or injury.

    In Stage 2 and Stage 3 (or Track 2), when fitness is stronger, you may use ‘attention on / attention off’ intervals. This allows your brain to work on a specific motor circuit for a bit, then rest and adapt.

    For example, in Stage 1 (Track 1) you may have an assignment to run 15 rounds of 1 minute run / 1 minute walk.  This gives you a total of 15 minutes running, and 15 minutes walking. Over the course of Stage 1 your total running time will gradually increase to where there is no more walking segments, just continuous running.

    In Stage 2 (Track 2) you may have an assignment to run continuously for a total of 30 minutes, while you divide up that time into 2 minutes ‘attention on’ / 1 minute ‘attention off’. 

    If the assigned practice is too easy for your attention – meaning, you get bored from lack of challenge for your attention – then you may increase the complexity of the activity. You may change your focal point for a period of time. You may run slightly faster. Or run on uneven ground (a trail). You may run on hills, up and down. You may attempt to hold two focal points in your attention at the same time. 

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