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    Mat Hudson

    Main Principles Of Technique Training For Running

    Running (for us modern folk) is primarily a skill that has to be (re)learned and refined. Strength (endurance) and speed form around those running-specific skills.


    A skill-oriented approach means building our neural precision and strength is the priority, upon which we can safely build stronger, faster running. Better form (technique) makes a more energy-efficient runner. Efficiency makes you safer and stronger. You may read more about this in Stage Of Training.


    You are learning to use gravity more than muscles to empower your running. You position the body in order to channel gravity into forward motion. Your main effort in running is not to push yourself forward against gravity, but to consistently channel gravity into pushing you forward. This is not easy to master, but once you do, it makes running so much better.

    Stronger Perception

    Perception is the key. You pilot your running vessel through perception. The better your perception the better you can pilot, the longer you can go, and more pleasantly you can go. You must set up form, receive feedback to monitor form, then protect and correct form during your runs.

    Holding superior form when energy is abundant will delay fatigue. Holding superior form once inside the fatigue zone will extend your energy farther and lower your discomfort. It requires great concentration to hold your best form under stress.

    Earn Your Auto-Pilot Mode

    However, you train with great concentration so that these patterns become more deeply wired into your neuromuscular system, requiring less effort to maintain. They become more resilient under stress, and you can eventually run on ‘auto-pilot’ at certain times, allowing your mind to pay attention to other things… while still keeping one eye on the control panel in case there is a problem.

    Purpose Of Drills

    The drills you will learn are primarily about building perception of how your body is interacting with the natural forces. Proper and more resilient motor patterns will form as you monitor and then protect/correct form. Drills only benefit you as long as those drills require you to pay attention, as long as they challenge your perception. Once you lose attention, the value of the drill work is done.

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