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    Here is the simplified Pace Combination equation:

    (3 + SPL) x Tempo = Pace per 25 meters (or length of your pool)

    This assumes a constant Tempo, that one is using a Trainer and allow 3 BEEPs from wall to first stroke, and then take each stroke on Tempo from there to the wall.

    Example Calculation:

    SPL = 18 strokes
    Tempo = 1.20 seconds
    Pace = (3+ SPL) x Tempo = (3 + 18) x 1.20 = 25.20 seconds per 25 meters.

    If you need to convert 25 meter Pace to Time for Longer Swim Distances, first add up how many lengths you will need to swim.

    Example: If a swimmer is going to complete a 800 meter swim in a 25 meter pool, she will swim 32 lengths.

    Using the Pace calculation from the example above:
    32 lengths x 25.20 seconds = 806.4 seconds = 13:26 minutes

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