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    Rhythmic Breathing

    You will build the skills in this order:

    1. Position (of the head for easiest, smoothest breathing)
    2. Timing (of the Turn and Breath)
    3. Air Management (when and how to exhale and inhale)


    Drill: Superman Glide To Skate Position

    Focal Points:

    • Nod (to the side)
    • Split The Face
    • Hooked Fish
    • Turn Early (turn head with beginning of catch)
    • Small Bubbles Through Nose
    • Clear The Hatches (at the last micro-second)
    • Quick Sip Of Air
    • Head Down Quickly (eyes should not see the recovery arm swinging forward)


    Additional Instructions:

    • Pick one wall you will turn towards (same wall, when swimming in either direction)
    • Check Weightless Head and Laser Lead Spine before attempting to rotate. Head must be at surface already before rotation.
    • Head will turn with shoulder, as if pulled with a string. It will return immediately to eyes-down position.
    • Finish in Perfect Skate Position. Stop, go back into Superman Glide to start again.
    • Do not take breathes on the first several repetitions. Stop to breathe. Make good head position a higher priority than getting a breath during these drills.

    Drill: 1-Arm Stroking

    Focal Points:

    • Use same Focal Points above, and
    • Turn With Catch
    • Torpedo Head (no bobbing up/down, nor pull to side)

    Additional Instructions:

    • Use same instructions above and
    • Keep one hand ‘in the pocket’, arm tucked in close to the body. Do not let elbow pull back to the side of the body.
    • Turn toward the stroking arm, at the moment of the catch.
    • Keep head steady. Prevent it from bobbing up and down in the water, on each stroke.
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