Choosing Your Own Drills

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You may notice in our training plans and courses we don’t often tell you which drill to use. You need to review lesson notes and reflect on your live lesson experience to choose those which suit your needs right now.

We do not attempt to tell you what drills to use because the selection of the right drill is quite personal to your own situation. What skill do you want to work on? How simple or complex do you need the starting activity to be? How many repetitions of that drill will you need to do to get a grasp or tune up for the next activity? Those are questions that each person would answer differently.

You may be uncertain yet about which ones to use for which skills, but through experimentation you will quickly learn those which help you the most and those that do not. You may view Guidance for Working With Drills. You may ask on the forum or ask your coach for recommendations. Eventually, we hope and intend that you will have enough experience with the drills to know which to use for your learning needs in this moment.

Just ask if you need help!

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