Simple Rating System for Your Practice Results

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Here is a simple rating system you may use when evaluating your practice results, especially when you are focused a skill or quality in the body or stroke that is not easily measured in a more objective way.

You may use it in your discussions with your coach.

  • 1 Star (♦) – disappointing – below my standard
  • 2 Star (♦♦) – acceptable – at about the standard I have set for myself
  • 3 Star (♦♦♦) – marvelous – above the standard I have set for myself

When your performance is at 1 star for more than 50% of the time consider lowering the complexity of the task in order to create a more suitable challenge level for your current neurological abilities.

When your performance is at 2 Star for more than 60% to 80% of the time, keep going. This is good imprinting work. If it is above 80% then you should consider raising your standard for quality, or raising the complexity of the task.

When your performance is at 3 Star for more than 30% of the time (Good Job!) you should consider increasing the complexity of your task.

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