What About Using A Kickboard?

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Can I or should I use a kickboard?

With every training device we recommend that you apply some basic principles. You can read more about this in Guidelines for Using Swim Training Devices

The short answer is: No, do not use a kickboard. 

The use of a kickboard for kicking activities creates new problems as much as it tries to help with fitness. We consider it a significant liability to your spine and your swimming form. This is not just our opinion, but a growing consensus among experts in swimming biomechanics. 

If you would like to do kicking sets, we recommend that you do not use a board, but instead get into the actual streamline position for that stroke and kick in that position, as close to the posture in which you will use the kick in its context. This may mean you need to use a snorkel to breath so that you can maintain that position for longer uninterrupted periods of time. 

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