What About Using Fins?

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Can I or should I use fins?

With every training device we recommend that you apply some basic principles. You can read more about this in Guidelines for Using Swim Training Devices

The short answer is: Yes, you may use a snorkel in limited amounts, for certain purposes. 

Fins can be helpful to provide a little propulsion from the legs when you are working on holding streamline position or working on the choreography of the torso and arms in slower motion (when those slow actions will not provide much consistent propulsion). 

We would recommend using shorter ‘zoomer’ or swimmer type fins, not the longer diving or recreational fins. The swimmer fins allow a faster, more swimmer-like spacing of the feet, tempo of motion and flex of the ankles. If you are looking for a recommendation, we like to use the Finis Postive Drive fins, these allow you to keep the feet closer together and move them more like you would when kicking without fins on.

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