Freestyle Advanced

Level 2

Welcome and Introduction

To review the course structure and expectations you may view our Freestyle Advanced Overview. Also you may review the concepts we will be working with in this lesson series, the Four Essential Features, where the skill objectives for each lesson are explained.

 The Catch and Hold

In conventional swimming, the underwater part of the freestyle stroke is called the pull (or pull/push) phase because in that tradition, the emphasis of the whole stroke is about pulling on the water to move the body forward. We prefer to call it the ‘catch and hold’ phase because our orientation is about holding a point in the water and sliding the body forward, past that point.

Two-Beat Kick

The Two-Beat Kick

Integrated Breathing Advanced

Integrated Breathing


Building from the Freestyle Fundamentals (Level 1), we now combine the Catch, Two-Beat Kick, and Breathing.

Metrics and Tempo Basics

Once the body is balanced through the water and can hold a steady Streamline frame, generating momentum forward with the Recovery Swing will be enhanced. So it is extremely important to bring the arm forward in a certain way to create this acceleration effect.

Summary and What’s Next

Now that you have completed the Freestyle Fundamentals level 1, there are several options available for continuing your growth and development. Self-guided or coach-guided options available. 

Virtual Swim Club


 Looking for a training plan to support all your new skills? Virtual Swim Club is a 6-month self-guided training program to further cement the principles and skills in the Freestyle Fundamentals and Advanced Courses.