Join Our Training Plan 100 Sprint Course

This a minimum 3-months  (and up to 6 months depending on your needs and goals) coach-guided course guiding you through a reliable, systematic process for improving your 100 sprint time.

It involves three phases: Preparation, Conditioning, and Speed Adaptation which lead you through a careful process of preparing yourself for more intense, more exacting practice and then takes you into a wonderfully precise speed-training process. Training cycles may be 7 or 9-days long, with a minimum of 4 practices per week.  100 sprint test swims are assigned about twice per month. 

It is short distance but it is not easier than long distance training – this course involves strong self-discipline, attention to fine technical details and honest, accurate measurements in each set. Training at sprint intensity is serious Level 2 work and requires substantial skill in certain parts of the stroke before one can safely go about this kind of training. But it is extremely rewarding and insightful.

You may leave reports on your practices and questions in your Personal Discussion Zone where your coach will respond to you each week, guiding your analysis of results and decision process.


$80 per month for the coach-guided course.

$90 flat fee for the self-guided course if you have already gone through one of our coach-guided courses previously.



Minimum of 3 months, and up to 6 months.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Please see the terms.


This course will develop your understanding of advanced training skills, use of metrics, and technical proficiency at high intensity swimming.


This membership is suitable for those who practiced proficiency with particular Level 1 skills for recovery, catch, and arm switch timing, and who have been working in Level 2 training with metrics of stroke count and tempo. Members should be able to swim at least 1000 m continuously with consistent SPL.


Access to our training library.

Access to the full course practice plan.

Access to your Personal Discussion Zone for coach-guided courses. (Not included in self-guided courses)


Required Equipment

Other than you swim suit, goggles and swim cap (if you prefer), you will need a Finis Tempo Trainer (between $35 to $50 USD). Many of the assignments in this course will use one. It is one of the best pieces of training equipment you can have in your bag.

You may find one for sale on the site, on, and on Look for one on sale.