Welcome to the Mediterra Dojo

Our dojo provides you with an online learning platform
to continue your personal improvement journey
in mindful and marvelous swimming… and running too!

Three Types Of Membership

Virtual Swim Club

Join our training group with a yearly plan, monthly themes, weekly practices and periodic test swims. This training plan will cover a wide variety of Level 1 stroke skills and Level 2 training skills. Fitness and technique will be developed together.

Membership is $15 per month, or $30 per quarter (a 33% discount).

Training Courses

Enroll in one of our Level 1 or Level 2 training coach-courses which will lead you into deep, effective practice for the targeted goals in skill, speed, and endurance. Fitness and technique will be developed together. Discuss progress weekly with your coach.

Membership is $80 per month for coach-guided courses and $30 per month for self-guided courses.

Scroll below to see a menu of our courses.

Customized Coaching

Receive a completely customized training plan, with test swim and analysis, video analysis, and weekly personalization as you progress. Suitable for those who are pursuing a major achievement or deep practice toward a clear personal goal.

Membership fee is negotiated. Contact us to inquire.

Level 1 Courses

Coach-Guided and Self-Guided course versions available.
Freestyle Fundamentals image

Freestyle Fundamentals

A self-paced course to guide you in mastery of the fundamental skills for the freestyle stroke. This course is designed to guide practice for those who have just completed a Level 1 workshop or series of lessons.

Stroke Mastery image

Stroke & Pace Mastery

A self-paced course to take you through the entire detailed set of stroke and pacing skills – Level 1 and Level 2. 6 stages with over 50 assignments, plus test swims for each stage.

SC 101 image

Self Coaching 101

Learn to design and execute a series of practices that develop both your technique and fitness together, respecting your individual needs. This is a self-paced course.

MCBR image

Master Class Breathing

A 2-month course to develop much easier, rhythmic breathing which translates to easier, faster swimming. Designed around a series of 800 m test swims.

Level 2 Courses

Coach-Guided and Self-Guided course versions available.
MC1K image

Master Class 1K

A 3-month course guiding you to achieve your first 1000 m or your fastest 1000 m swim – with greater ease and enjoyment.

TP5K image

Training Plan 5K

A 4-month course preparing you to set a personal best in a 5000 m open water race, with far more control over energy and pace. It is appropriate for those training for 3 to 6 km distances.

TP100 image

Training Plan 100

A 3-month (or more) course guiding you to reliably achieve a personal record in the 100 sprint.   

TP20K image

Training Plan 20K

An 8-month course preparing you to handle a 20 km open water expedition, with confidence and strength. It is appropriate for those training for 15-25 km distances.

Additional Services

Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Video analysis will scan your body position and movement patterns to reveal your strengths and weaknesses and give you instructions for your highest priority improvement projects.

Test Swim Analysis

Test Swim Analysis

When sufficient metrics are extracted from your test swim – time, stroke count, tempo, effort, attention – we can see indicators of strengths and weaknesses in your performance systems – metabolic, muscular, motor and mental – and offer you prescriptions for improving those weakest members.

All Members Access