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Mat Hudson


Strong Points

  • they are streaming behind torso
  • sliding into Counter-balanced Foot Position (CBF) right away
  • the two sides of CBF position are symmetrical


Weak Points

  • both sides – foot may not be coming into complete, stretched CBF
  • both sides – there is some sway of the legs because feet are not locked into best CBF immediately


Improvement Opportunities

  • both sides – turn ankle (heel outward) to feel stretch all the way down leg, come into very distinct CBF and lock into position, don’t move until next switch


From the attached photos you can see a sequence of how the legs have shifted position from the finish of the switch to the moment you position the foot for the next kick. The legs sway a bit. It would be more ideal to immediately twist and stretch that foot into the CBF, which would lock that foot in line with the whole Skate side of the body, absorb the rotational force traveling down the legs from the torso, and thus prevent the legs from swaying to the side. The foot would then be poised already for the next kick, with a twist of the ankle and torque of the hip, without having to move it.



Strong Points

  • excellent timing for the kick at this stroke tempo, right with the extension
  • kick pressure appears steady (rather than snappy), to match the speed of the extension


Weak Points

  • bending the knee just a bit too much to prime the kick
  • touching the air with heel and pulling bubbles down on each kick


Improvement Opportunities

  • kicking foot – twist the heel a bit more to send the heel sideways staying below the surface to get more leverage for kick, avoid touching the air
  • kicking foot – use a bit less knee flex and a bit more ankle/hip torque (arcing the foot in crescent moon path) to create the kick

Attached photo shows the moment the heel touches the air, pulling bubbles down with the kick, creating a vortex of low pressure, which diminishes the effectiveness of the kick.

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