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Jamal Shahverdiyev

Hello Mat,

I’ve not sent updates in a while, but never stopped training.

1. I did my 3k with Gear 3 (pace 2,09), the fastest I ever did 3k. I did my 4000 (pace 2,11) last weekend. I would like to do 4k again, trying to keep it at 2.09 pace. Last weekend I did not have my orange juice with 3-4 dry apricots (my usual energy supply before the morning swim), and I could feel how my energy started to diminish after 40-50 minutes into the swim, and SPL was harder to maintain. And pace went from 2.09 to 2.11. Looks like the energy supply is very important.
2. In essence, to me the overall purpose of this course is to learn how to maintain the same pace G3 for longer distances. I will be trying to maintain 2.09-2.12 pace for 5-8K. Does this sound like a good goal?
3. I am getting a bit better in working with FPs on longer swims. The way I organize FPs – I shift 4 FPs – 1 every 100 meters and then “zoom out” and do 100m with no specific FP, letting my mind to rest. And that makes 500 total. And then do the same thing again, and again, and time goes by quickly as I keep focusing on FPs.
4. Question: is there any other way to shift gears except for TT? Are we supposed to learn how to shift gears with no TT? Any ideas on that?
5. Is it OK to have TT on for the whole 5-10K swim? It does not bother me, but is it ok to switch it off sometimes, just to have a few laps of “free and quiet” swim with no mental challenge?
6. I have a question on the timing of points AB. Please look at the picture attached – my take is that this guy’s catching arm is in the catch position too soon as his recovery arm is just entering water. I usually try to keep my lead arm in the skate position a moment longer, and I start setting my catch (and getting in the position shown on the picture) a moment later – after entry arm passes my goggles. My question: Do you think the guy in this picture is catching too soon or I am being late and loosing the momentum?

Thank you, Mat. Looking forward to your response.

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- Jamal