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Nicolas Gerber

Dear Mat

Thank you a lot for this analysis. I wondered whether one or several of the following are the reasons:

A- Just not enough awareness

B- Not enough core tension / lacking ability to sustain core tension

C- Hip extensors too shortened, leading to hip flexion/backwards tilt of hips. Hamstrings shortened, leading to flexed knees. Lumbar lordosis due to shortened quadriceps plus as a consequence of the hip flexion. (My muscles are definitely a bit shortened, some stretching would be fine. However, not sure whether the shortening is a reason for my “fetal” swimming position…)

D- other?

To examine/rule out possibility C I took a few pics with me on tippy toes, just to see whether it looks better than without gravity in the water. Can you please give me your thoughts about it?

What is the best way to tackle this?

Kind regards,



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