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Mat Hudson


Strong Points

  • Both sides, Hand and fingers are relaxed on exit, and during swing
  • Both sides, hand is positioned to slide into ‘mailslot’


Weak Points

  • Both sides, on exit, pulling elbow straight up and too high too soon
  • Both sides, swinging forearm forward too soon
  • Both sides, not keeping fingernails in contact with surface
  • Both sides, not coming to high elbow entry point


Improvement Opportunities

  • Nudge elbow outward on exit
  • Elbow starts low and gradually climbs toward high entry position
  • Hand and fingers drag behind on exit, reluctant to come forward until last moment
  • Fingernails maintain contact with surface of water
  • Recovery arm should feel fluid, weightless as it flies foward
  • Recovery arm moment should feel mostly straight forward, not arcing upward and then downward on entry.


You need to produce a more linear wave of momentum with the arm, starting with how the arm exits and then swings forward. This will change how it enters the water and which direction is emphasized in entry and extension.

I suspect that how you are drawing the arm out of the water, at that very moment, is triggering gravity to push your head and shoulder deeper in the water. At entry those rise back up again, fortunately for your breathing, but your body submerged unnecessarily, and creates more turbulence.

Watch ‘Maintaining Elbow Orientation in Freestyle‘ on the Video Tutorials page.

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