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Mat Hudson


Strong Points

  • L arm seems to have good emphasis on reaching forward
  • Both sides, extending straight in front of shoulder (on non-breathing strokes)


Weak Points

  • L arm target is too shallow, then drifting downward
  • L extension on R breathing very shallow (at surface)
  • R arm target is slightly too deep
  • R arm seems to finish with downward emphasis
  • L lead arm comes inward on R breathing stroke


Improvement Opportunities

  • See recommendations for recovery first, to see how this affects entry and extension.


See recommendations for catch, especially the target you want to aim for, which is precisely where you set the catch.

There are two layers of water: 1. the layer just below the surface that your body slides through, and 2. the layer just below which your body slides over.

Your extending arm needs to hit a target in the layer of water just barely below the body’s layer. Both sides should be perfectly symmetrical. Targets should be exactly the same on non breathing strokes and breathing strokes.

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