Reply To: Video Analysis August 2019

Mat Hudson

Section-By-Section Analysis



Strong Points

Head remains in neutral, in line with the spine


Weak Points

Head is rotating a bit with torso over-rotation


Improvement Opportunities

Keep head anchored, looking straight down (see Rotation)

This may not appear if rotation is controlled to lower angle



Strong Points

Spine is straight and stable in lateral (saggital) plane


Weak Points

The spine in the lower body is not aligned (in coronal plane):

The lower back is slightly extended (pelvis is tilted forward)

There is a slight flex at each hip joint (thighs are not straight behind torso)


Improvement Opportunities

Work on stretching out the lower body – level pelvis, straight thighs, using the ‘Tippy Toes’ focal point

Posture exercises, hip mobility exercises and glute strength work might be needed.


On the Video Tutorials page view the Improving Parallel Leg Position and the Hip Mobility and Counter-Balanced Foot Position videos.



Strong Points

Hips and shoulders are rotating together, as a solid unit


Weak Points

Both sides, torso is over-rotating – a bit more on right Skate, especially on L breathing


Improvement Opportunities

See comments on Extension


On the Video Tutorials page you may view the Elbow And Over-Rotation and the Correction For Over-Rotation videos.


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