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    Mat Hudson

    First Session – July 27

    Hi David,

    We had a good first session. You did very well in picking up the drills and the focal points, and you were making good progress in convincing your head to relax and trust the support of the water.

    It’s a pleasure to share these skills with you. If you feel like this is going to work for you, then we have many more skills to introduce. I believe you will be pleased.

    Below are links to the lesson outline, a practice guide and some additional articles to read if they catch your interest and you have time.

    Please use this forum to stay in communication with me between and after your lessons, so I can support you as you practice.


    Welcome to our Freestyle Lesson Series

    To review the concepts we are working with in this lesson series you may view our Freestyle Lesson Series Overview and the article Four Essential Features, where the skill objectives for each lesson are explained.

    In our first lesson we have worked on those first two of those Four Essential Features. You may review these to understand more about our first lesson and prepare for those to come:



    You may view the outline for our first Balance and Streamline Lessons, which list the skills, the drills and the focal points we used in our lesson together.

    I added one more bonus drill for you to use when practicing your Skate Position and carefully shifting weight from side to side – Spear Switch.

    I also introduced you to the Interrupted Breathing Position which may be very helpful in your pool practice time and prepare you for Rhythmic Breathing in the following lessons.

    I also mentioned that you might enjoy using short swim fins to assist while working in the drills. You may read some thoughts on this in the article Should I Use Fins? Now you can do drills the full length of the pool, without stopping and you may breathe as you please.


    Practice Guide

    You may view the Practice Plan for Balance and Streamline for some guidance on how to work on these skills on your own before our next session.


    Some Additional Reading

    Below are some links to articles in our library that may help you. And, I do hope you will take advantage of this discussion zone to ask me specific questions about what and how to practice. This space is meant to support you in your personal training time.

    You may review our introduction to the Balance Streamline Propulsion Pyramid. You’ll use this BSP organization to help you set priorities in your skill learning process.

    A central feature of our Total Immersion method is our use of Focal Points to create a super-learning situation for your brain. You may review our introduction to Focal Points.

    As you do your personal practice between our live sessions, you may appreciate some guidance on how to organize your efforts. You may read How To Practice.

    And, as you consider how much drills versus how much whole stroke you may do in your personal practice time you may view Transition From Drills To Whole Stroke. If you are feeling some tension between your need for drill work and your need to maintain fitness you may view Focal Point Swimming for some suggestions on how to balance those.

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