Organizing Cues by Body Sections

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There are so many details to the full choreography of swimming which we attempt to capture in our longĀ  menu of training cues. In your lessons you have been introduced to a selection of those, and we understand how overwhelming even that first encounter can be. How does one memorize all those cues?

We don’t expect you to remember them at the start. Those that are most useful to you will be memorized because you use them often enough. But there is a way to help your memory and keep your cues organized according to their priority in your skill development.

We recommend that you divide the body into these three sections and then any cue you encounter can be associated with one of these sections.

If you are working on your stroke and can’t quite remember the cue you were introduced to previously, you can consider what you need to do with a section of your body, in this order of priority:

  1. Head and Spine
  2. Shoulders and Arms
  3. Hips and Legs

As you start to think specifically about a section of the body, it will be more likely that your brain will recall a cue or something your coach said about that part of the body.

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