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What is the Online Coaching Program?

We have created the Online Coaching Program to help swimmers like you learn and integrate the Total Immersion training principles into your own swimming practice. Ultimately, we want to help you improve your ability to coach yourself. The program is there to fill the gap between what you can do on your own with the TI videos and materials, and what you can get from regular interaction with a certified TI Coach in your area.

The centerpiece of this program is your opportunity to have a weekly discussion with Coach Mat, receiving his guidance and input on your practice plans and progress. He will help you organize, memorize, and master training principles so that you can eventually keep going on your own with great results.

You may sign up for 1 or more months. You may work in the program with Coach Mat for a few months, then take a break to work on your own and return later when you are ready for more. It is a fairly flexible program, working with your training goals, your budget of time and energy, and your schedule for discussions.

The program is limited to 12 students at one time. Please inquire about current openings. You can see the contents of the program in the list below.


$80 per month

You will pre-pay for the period you have chosen.

You may pause your membership as needed.

Add a Video Analysis Session at discount…

$50 per session

(Video Analysis = $80 USD without program membership)

Prices are in US Dollars.

Enrollment is limited to 12 active students at any one time.

Click below to request a position in the program.




Membership in this program is based on a pre-paid fee. Just choose the number of months you would like to study in this program and pay for the entire period at the start. You may re-join the program and resume your guided training again at any time.


At the end of your paid-membership period you will be invited to enroll for another period of study, if you like. You will not automatically be enrolled or be charged for a second (or more) period.


At the end of your paid-membership period, unless you renew, your user account and access to the member zone will remain open for 3 months. If you would like to resume the discussion-based aspect of the program you will need to sign up again. Your Personal Discussion Zone data will be kept for 1 year from the end of your paid-membership, after which it will be deleted (unless you renew membership again).


If you encounter circumstances in life which cause an unavoidable interruption in your training (injury, illness, birth, death, etc) we can arrange to pause your membership for up to 6 months. Your fee and your remaining time in your membership will be applied when you arrange with us to resume. If you do not use it within 6 months, the cancellation policy below will apply to the date at which you requested the pause.


Within one week (7 days) of enrollment you are welcome to look around and decide if this program suits you. If not, we will provide you with a 100% refund. We ask that you do not copy or download any of the material in this 7 day period, if you intend to request a refund – that would not be fair, would it?

Provide this request for cancellation by email (within the 7 day time frame) and provide us with constructive feedback on why the program does not appear to be suitable for you so that we can learn and improve our service.

After that 7 day period, this refund policy will apply:

  • Cancellation requested less than 1/2 way through your membership period – 50% refund.
  • Cancellation requested more than 1/2 way through your membership period –  No refund.

If video analysis has been performed, no refund will be issued for the video analysis portion of the fee.

Who Is Invited

Who Is Invited

This program is offered first to alumni students of Total Immersion training events. It is expected that you have already received live training with a certified TI Coach. If you are not certain that the coach you received training from is certified with Total Immersion, you may ask and we can quickly verify their status with TI.

Priority for membership is given to those who do not have a TI Coach locally available to help you learn these training concepts in person. This program is not intended to compete with the local services of our esteemed TI colleagues. Please seek out their help first.

What You Need To Know

From that live training experience it is expected that you have become familiar with the basic terms and fundamental skills of TI (particularly, in the freestyle stroke). Most of the assignments will refer to the standard drills, focal points, and terminology used in Total Immersion instruction.

Goals and Skill Level

The course will allow you to set the challenge level appropriate to your abilities and goals. You may start at the point in the 6 Steps you feel ready for, work at your pace, and focus upon those skills that matter to you most. We will help you make those decisions.

You are welcome to participate with any motivation – fitness, pleasure, efficiency, high performance, mastery of skills, etc – and customize the assignments to your specific needs and intensity.

Equipment & Materials

Students in our Self-Coaching Program will need to possess:


Finis Tempo Trainer (or similar) –  $50 USD.


TI Perpetual Motion Freestyle drill series videos – (download, $30 USD)

Or, you may study Coach Terry’s latest refinement of the Freestyle Drill Series in the new (2015) Ultra-Efficient Freestyle eBook and Video series package (download, $49.95). UEF book cover 450x585 You may also find examples in these two video series from TI Coach Shinji Takeuchi on his website Swim Like Shinji:

You may receive a 10% discount on your order through the TI Store by using the code coachmathudson. Many assignments will require the use of a Tempo Trainer. Other than these items, we trust you have your swim suit and goggles and a place to swim. What more do you need?

Online Coaching Program Contents

All content below is included in your monthly membership.

Stroke Mastery and Pace Control

A self-paced course covering six stages (over 50 assignments) for mastering stroke skills and pace control.


Master Class 1K

A 12-week course guiding you to achieve your first 1000m or your fastest 1000m swim – with greater ease and enjoyment.

Master Class 1K TR

A 12-week course guiding you to achieve your first 1000m or your fastest 1000m swim – with greater ease and enjoyment.

Master Class Breathing

An 8-week course to develop much easier, rhythmic breathing which translates into easier, faster swimming. Designed around a series of 800m test swims.

Training Plan 5K

An 16-week course preparing you to set a personal best in a 5000m open water race, with far more control over energy and pace. It is appropriate for those training for 3 to 6 km distances.

Training Plan 20K

An 8-month course preparing you to handle a 20km open water expedition, with confidence and strength. It is appropriate for those training for 15-25 km distances.

Personal Discussion Zone

Discuss your progress each week with Coach Mat in your own personal forum thread.

101 Focal Points

Coach Mat’s expanded toolbox of focal points for body position and movement patterns that cover finer details and corrections.

Freestyle Drill Resources

Images and outlines for the standard TI drill positions and focal points. Exclusive tutorial videos from Coach Mat.

Knowledge Base

Articles to increase your understanding of the fundamentals of Total Immersion training.

Training FAQ

Answers to common questions about Total Immersion training and swimming.

Self-Coaching Guidebook

Guidance for preparing your body and mind for the most productive and satisfying swimming and practice experience.

Practice Library

An expanding library of TI practice examples,  each focusing on particular skills. Use and modify to suit your own personal needs.

Student - Alumni Newsletter

A bi-monthly email letter with exclusive training advice and encouragement for our dedicated students and alumni.

I first want to say: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. You are a wonderful coach and I do appreciate you. I am so glad I made the decision to join this programme… I appreciate all your thoughtful feedback and the encouragement. And I am making progress! I completed the 1000 yd in 15:57 not thinking this will ever be possible! So now I believe if I train correctly focusing on technique all the time I will become a faster swimmer. I believe I will swim my goal times on Sunday, I now know I can.

M.T. - South Africa

This [Master Class 1K] course is so worthwhile. Your interest in me and your accountability are greatly increasing my motivation to train.

I.M. - Istanbul

The greatest thing I have received from the relationship so far, is the physical experience of mindful swimming. Terry talks about it, I read about it in your blog, but it didn’t quite click. With your encouragement, I did it, I felt it, and it opened my mind. I hope this learning will stay with me forever. Identifying my [problem] and helping to diagnose the causes, was your second best contribution.

I.O. - Mexico