Our Pricing Explained

For Dojo Membership

We started the Mediterra Dojo for the purpose of helping swim students continue their practice after a live training experience. We do encourage everyone to seek out a live training experience with a certified Total Immersion Coach, if possible.  Our online resources and training plans are meant to provide you thoughtful, principled guidance on how to continue your training if you do not have a local coach to provide this for you.

Our coach-guided membership price is about what you would pay for an hour of time with a live coach. For that one hour fee, over the entire month you may leave reports on your practice, ask questions, and dialogue with a Mediterra Coach to improve your interpretation of results and receive guidance for your decisions on what and how to practice.  This could be a tremendous encouragement and motivator for those who need it.

Our self-guided membership price allows you to follow a crafted training plan, and access are our well-organized online library or text, audio and video instruction and guidance. There is more mindful and marvelous swimming information and resources on our site than any other site than we are aware of.  For those who have absorbed a good portion of the core training principles, this type of membership provides you with the resources that may otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to create or search out for yourself.

And, we would like to be generous with our content. You may copy the material for your own personal use later on… with some reasonable conditions and restrictions. We realize this may leave our content open to being misused, but we are offering trust to our students. We are trying to contribute to a better world and treat others how we would like to be treated. So far, our members have been very kind and respectful of this.