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    Cues are an image, sensation or intention we hold in our mind to direct attention at a specific part of the body in order to make it do what we intend, or to check that it is doing what we intend it to do.

    Cues direct attention to receive feedback from a specific part of the body or to send muscle commands to that specific part.

    Cues are also known as Mental Representations which are explained in depth in Anders Ericsson’s research on Expertise, and you can read about them in Form Better Mental Representations.

    You may read more about cues (a.k.a. focal points) on our blog:


    It is recommended that you first choose one to three cues (A, B, and C), but use use one cue one at a time. As it gets more familiar and easy to make the body do as you intend with that cue, you can blend cues together and try to hold control over two of them at the same time.


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