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    A rehearsal is a way to practice a piece of the stroke, or a part of body control, without laying down in the water. It removes the need to pay attention to floating and balance while you work on training a small piece of the stroke. This makes it distinctly different than doing a ‘drill’ where you are laying in the water and need to also maintain floating and balance position.

    A rehearsal is often done just standing on the deck or standing in the shallow end of the pool. It might be standing tall to practice spine aligment, or shaping the arm into recovery position.

    If you are standing, you might bend over a bit in order to put your head or arm in a position closer to horizontal.

    Be careful about doing too many motions of the arms pushing up against gravity. This is working the muscles differently (vertically) than they will be working in the water (horizontally), and it can make the shoulder or lower back sore quickly.

    You may view a full sequence of Dry Land Stroke Rehearsals in our Tutorials page.


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