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    The courses may provide you with only the main practice sets for your sessions. In many you will need to design your own routine for your Warm Up (in TI we call it the ‘Tune Up’) and your Cool Down (we like to call it the ‘Review’). Time and needs vary quite a lot so you can choose what works for you.

    Here are some recommendations:

    For Warm Up (Tune-Up)

    Plan to spend 8 to 15 minutes warming up. Develop a longer and a shorter routine that you can follow, but even when time is short in the pool, please do not skip your warm up. Go through at least your shorter routine.

    • Silent Swimming
    • Alternate Fist Swimming and Normal (e.g. 3x (2x 50) with 50 Fist / 50 Normal)
    • Alternate Breaststroke and Backstroke (e.g. 3x (2x 50) with 50 BR / 50 BK)
    • Alternate tempo (e.g. 4x (3x 25) with 25 easy, 25 medium, 25 brisk tempo)
    • Skate Position kicking, with short fins
    • Backstroke Skate Position kicking, with short fins
    • Slide-And-Glide (slow-motion) Whole Stroke
    • I recommend at least 500-800 meters distance, or 10-15 minutes.

    For Cool Down (Review)

    • 200-500 meters of low physical intensity, but high attention to details. This is your time to gently test your skills and take notes about what to adjust in your next practice based on today’s results.
    • You may select some of the activities suggested for Warm Up
    • 200-400 ‘Pure Pleasure’ swim – stroke along in the most gentle, smooth, pleasing way possible

    Again, I strongly recommend that you do not skip your warm-up/tune-up time even when you feel you are short on time for practice.

    The productivity of the work you do in the main set will depend a lot on the quality of your tune-up time. If the systems of your body have been given the time they need to wake up and get unified you will get far more out of your efforts for the day.

    I also recommend that you keep your tune-up and review sections fairly routine. Don’t change things too often. It will just make practice planning a bit easier and save mental energy, and make it easier to notice differences in your condition from day to day.

    For more encouragement about Tune Up (warm up) you may read:


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