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    Once you have practiced the DC (foot-hip) synchronization, and the BC (catch-hip) synchronization, then it is just a blending of both of those to create the DB synchronization.

    You are ‘zooming out’ to take in the full side of the body, from foot to forearm, to feel the connection between these two actions, through the torso. The torso rotation empowers the catch. The press of the foot supports the torso rotation. Therefore, the press of the foot helps empower the catch.



    Notice how the foot is coming down to its finish position as the catch is moving through its phase.

    Just as you practiced pressing the foot more slowly, with a steady pressure to match the torso rotation, aim to match the pressure and rate of speed of the catch also. The more closely these two are matched and kept proportional in speed, the more the press of the foot can assist that catch, the more you can feel it assisting.  The foot will move faster and get to its finish position before the catch finishes, but aim to make that press last longer.

    This can be particularly useful and encouraging when you are starting to feel muscle fatigue in the catch, yet are pushing yourself to maintain steady SPL and/or tempo. Focusing on the connection between the foot and the catch can help ‘lighten the load’ on that catch action, enabling you to persist at the same effort a bit longer. 

    Keep a close eye on the shape and pathway of your catch so that you are maintaining your best grip on the water. The better your catch the more you will feel the kick contributing toward making it easier.



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