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    In order to make progress you need to measure and monitor information coming from your body and from your performance. Your progress will depend on improvements inside the body which correspond to improvements in performance (swimming easier, swimming farther, swimming faster) measured outside the body.

    Measuring Quantities, Measuring Qualities

    What is happening on the inside of the body (how does it feel?) – a quality – will correspond to what is happening outside the body (what does it produce?) – a quantity.


    You can read more about these internal (subjective) measurements in this post on Two Essential Measurements. And these are the external (objective) measurements.


    In every practice, in every swim, you will monitor those internal sensations. Some of these may be assigned specifically:

    On many of your practice sets you will also measure external results. Some of these may be assigned specifically:

    • Stroke count
    • Tempo
    • Pace
    • Distance or duration
    • Amount of rest

    For a simple rating system, see Rating System For Qualities.

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