6-Month Practice Plan


Introduction and Instructions

Over 6 months, the Practice Plan is your practice through the entire freestyle fundamentals and most important advanced skills.

Skills for Level 1 and Level 2, and Pool Skills are organized over 6 months.

Each month there are two practice series. Each series provides 4 practice types and 1 test swim, for a total of 10 practices. Each practice provides 3 different levels of difficulty. You may repeat any of the practices – which we do highly recommend – each week.

You may work through the Practice Plan on Level 1 in 6 months, then go through the plan again on Level 2 for another 6 months as your skill and fitness increase.

You may like to return to the plan periodically to refresh your skills.

Month 1

Level 1 SkillS: Head Position

Level 2 Skills: Consistent Stroke Count

Pool Skills: Consistent Push-off and Glide

Month 2

Level 1 Skills: Spine Alignment

Level 2 Skills: Improve Stroke Count

Pool Skills: Consistent Break-Out

Month 3

Level 1 Skills: Front-End Alignment

Level 2 Skills: Improve Tempo Consistency

Pool Skills: Reach the Wall

Month 4

Level 1 Skills: Rear-End Alignment

Level 2 Skills: Adapt To Faster Tempo

Pool Skills: Flip (Tumble) Turn

Month 5

Level 1 Skills: Rotation Stability

Level 2 Skills: Consistent Pace

Pool Skills: Stroke Counting

Month 6

Level 1 Skill: Recovery and Breathing

Level 2 Skill: Improve Stroke per Length (SPL)

Pool Skill: Awareness of Other Swimmers

Freestyle Advanced

Level 2

In Freestyle Advanced, Level 2 we study the Catch and Hold, the 2-Beat Kick, a continuation of the Integrated Breath, more in-depth look at the stroke connects and basics in metrics and tempo. Once you have completed Freestyle Fundamentals, Level 1 you may like to practice the material in your stroke for a period time. When you’re ready for more content, we have Level 2 Self-guided and Coach-guided training options are available. Contact us for live-coaching sessions.

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