Content Access Instructions

for the Mediterra Dojo

Logging In To The Dojo
You may login to the Dojo using the user name and password sent to your in your Welcome To The Dojo email. Upon login you’ll be redirected to the You’re Logged In page.
On this page will be the menu of links directly to the various content in the Dojo. You have access to the course discussion zone, the library and the course that corresponds to your membership. You may look in the swim course discussion zone to find the lesson notes, or use the link above to go to it directly.
Anytime you visit the Dojo, on the top bar menu, you will see a Log In link when you are not logged in, and you will see a Log Out link when you are logged in.
In the top menu of this website if you click on Members > My Account, that will take you to the page which information about your account, your current membership, and a list of all the contents included with that membership, including the various library pages, the training course you are a member of, and the corresponding discussion forum.
Access The Training Library

As part of your membership in the Dojo you are (after logging in) encouraged to view our full library of training resources including our:

  • Knowledge Base (over 100 articles),
  • Tutorial Videos,
  • Freestyle Drill Resources,
  • 101 Focal Points page,
  • our exclusive Blog, and
  • our monthly Training Podcasts. 

If you are logged in, a Library menu item will be visible on the web page top menu. Links to each of these are provided on the You’re Logged In page that appears when you log in to the site.

Access Your Training Course

With your live training experience you may also set up with a membership to a training course that is suitable to your current needs. This may be the Freestyle Fundamentals course, the Virtual Swim Club, the Master Class 1K, the Master Class Breathing course, or possibly the Master Class Synchronization course.

A link to your course is given in your Welcome To The Dojo email and on the You’re Logged In page that appears once you log in to the Dojo.

Access Your Discussion Zone

Every membership to a course includes some way of communicating with the Mediterra coaches.

If you have attended a group training event then you will have access to a forum for that event in the Course Discussion Zone. This also applies to those who are members of a ‘self-guided’ course.

If you have attended a private training event or series of lessons you will have access to your own Personal Discussion Zone. This also applies to those who are members of a ‘coach-guided’ course.

Notification Of A New Comment
Many parts of the Dojo are set up on a forum, including the Personal Discussion Zones (for coach-guided courses and customized coaching memberships) and the Course Discussion Zones (for self-guided courses and group lesson participants).
For private and group lesson participants, your coach will leave notes in that discussion zone for each lesson. And you may leave reports on your practice and questions for the coach there.
The forum will begin to send you an automatic notice of any new comment left in your discussion zone once you leave your first comment – this triggers the automatic notices for you. Until then, you won’t see a notice of new comments the coach leaves for you. So, you might go look at your notes and just type a quick comment to register your presence to trigger notices to come to you from now on.
Corresponding With Your Coach

You may need to take a little time just to get familiar with these resources and how the site looks and works. You will likely have questions and feedback for us. Please send an email or leave a feedback comment in your discussion forum any time.

Your coach may not be able to respond to every reply on each day, but we do aim to respond to questions at least once a week.

If you leave lengthy comments with questions scattered within, please highlight your specific questions in bold text so that those questions quickly catch our eyes and trigger a specific response.

Hopefully, navigating many parts of the course will become routine for you, and you’ll get familiar with how to work through the practices. But we do hope you will take advantage of your opportunity to ask specific questions to improve your understanding and practice. We want to transmit to you as much of the powerful TI training paradigm as we can.