Warm Up

  • 1500 continuous, no rest
  • Divide distance into mental intervals
  • 300 Silent Swimming – as gentle as possible
  • 300 Silent Swimming – pick up tempo slightly
  • 6 rounds of (50 fist / 50 DPS* / 50 brisk tempo)
  • New synchronization focal points on each round
  • Round 1: focal point is Perfect Arm Switch timing (AB)
  • Round 2: focal point is hip driving the extending arm (CA)
  • Round 3: focal point is sync foot to extension (DA)
  • Repeat those three for Rounds 4,5 and 6




* DPS = distance per stroke, or extend stroke length


Quantity Objective

To swim entire distance.


Quality Objective

First 2x 300 – to let body tissues gently wake up, warm up and lengthen, to be ready for more work.

Carefully scan the entire body looking for any areas needing extra attention or warm up time. Or possibly encounter signals that urge you to rest more this day, rather than work harder.

Last 6x 150 – to tune up the power-transfer connections through the whole body, preparing for work of the main set.


Possible Failure Points

  • Unusually tight or stiff spots in the joints or muscles
  • Difficulty in reaching your best synchronization standards
  • Low energy
  • Low motivation