Practice Set

  • 3 rounds of (3x 150) freestyle
  • NO rest between repeats – use Gear 2 as active rest
  • 30 seconds passive rest between rounds
  • Alternate between Gear 2 and ‘Gear 4 at Assigned Tempo’ (out of a scale of 1 to 5 gears)
  • On each round G4 tempo descends (gets faster)
  • Set Tempo Trainer to assigned tempo.
  • Ignore TT beep on G2 segments – swim G2 by feel
  • Each round swim (alternate 100 G2/50 G4, 50 G2/100 G4, 150 at G4)
  • Round 1: G2 by feel, G4 at Tempo 0.90
  • Round 2: G2 by feel, G4 at Tempo 0.87
  • Round 3: G2 by feel, G4 at Tempo 0.84




Quantity Objective

To swim entire distance.

To maintain the assigned tempo.


Quality Objective

To hold best full-body synchronization (rhythm) as tempo gets more challenging, as muscles get more fatigued.

In each round, use the relative ease of the Gear 2 tempo segments as ‘rest in motion’.


Possible Failure Points

  • Cannot hold tempo (muscular)
  • Cannot maintain precision (motor)
  • Cannot maintain rhythm, full-body synchronization (motor)