This is a practice I designed for a swimmer with excellent control over form up to cruising speeds, who is preparing for his upcoming Ironman. He has not done much work with tempo before so I have been introducing him to the Tempo Trainer and how to prepare the nervous system to memorize a suitable tempo and maintain a consistently.

Warm Up

300 silent swim FR

4x (25 FR easy + 25 FR brisk) with different synchronization focal point for each repeat

Estimate your tempo during the brisk swim to establish tempo TB


Main Sets

Swim 200 FR with tempo TB = 1.18

Then do 4 cycles of the following set with increasing tempo on each cycle:

3 rounds of 2x 50 for each cycle.

  • Round 1 use focal point for sync ‘torso plus entry’
  • Round 2 use focal point for sync ‘torso plus catch’
  • Round 3 use focal point for sync ‘foot plus extension’

And, per cycle use tempo:

  • Cycle 1 at tempo TB
  • Cycle 2 at TB – 0.03
  • Cycle 3 at TB – 0.06
  • Cycle 4 at TB – 0.09

Maintain your standard of quality for each sync focal point at each increased tempo.

Then swim 300 at tempo TB with a 25 sprint within each 100 (for a total of 3x 25 sprint inside 300)