What About Your General Strength and Conditioning?

Since you are a member of the Dojo, you are certainly interested in doing the specialized training you need to become a better swimmer, in both skills and fitness.

But what about your general strength and conditioning that is the foundation for your specialized training?

Sometimes, when an adult athlete comes to a plateau, no longer seeing progress or starts feeling the threat of injury, the problem is not always with the swimming skills or the swim training itself. Sometimes the problem is in the foundation of her general strength and conditioning – the ways she needs to be mobile and strong on land, for just ordinary human activities.

We have a couple articles on our Dojo library that address this topic and give you some recommendations on what exercises to do: 

Before you are strong and capable as a swimmer, you would do well to first be strong as a human on land. This will help you be able to more safely, more successfully handle more challenging fitness training in the water.

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