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    Lesson for The Frame and Streamline Shape

    In the first freestyle technique lesson we work on Building The Frame and Forming Streamline Shape.

    This lesson will help you establish the first two of our Four Essential Features of the freestyle stroke which encompass lengthening, balance and streamline skills. These are explained in the following introductions:

    And, here is the outline of the skills, drills and attention cues, with links to video demonstrations of the drills. The following lists of activities and the lists of cues may contain more items than you experienced in your lesson. The instructor will watch the time and your pace of learning and choose a certain sequence of activities and the few most relevant cues for you to work with.



    Balance Drills

    Streamline Drills

    You may view images of these standard drill positions on the Freestyle Drill Resources page and you may view additional videos for some of these drills on the Video Tutorial page.

    You may also consider using short swimmer fins (FAQ – Should I Wear Fins?) to allow you to practice Skate Position with your legs more supported and the flow of water along your body. This flow of water may provide you with more feedback about how well you are maintaining form and a low-turbulence streamline position.


    Cues for Attention and Control

    To help you pay attention, interpret and send commands to particular parts of your body your instructor gave you a selection of cues in each drill. There are more cues on the lists below than you were given in your lesson, as the instructor chose a few to get you going, without overwhelming with too many details. You may be able to figure out the meaning of the others you were not originally exposed to.

    Cues for Torpedo

    • ‘Mountain Pose’ (yoga) or ‘Stand At Attention’ (like military stance)
    • Both hands tucked deep into pockets
    • Arms snug against the front of your chest
    • Long spine (as if pulled up by a string)
    • Keep thighs straight behind torso

    Cues for Superman

    • Cues from Torpedo and…
    • Weightless Head
    • Tippy Toes (thighs straight behind torso, toes pointed gently)
    • Arms On Wide Tracks
    • Arm Straight (no bend at elbows)
    • Hands at Target
    • Let arms hang heavy
    • Shoulder blades slide outward and forward (but not strained)
    • Keep forearms soft (like a tree branch)
    • Keep fingers soft

    Cues for Streamline Position

    • Cues for Superman and…
    • Lead Arm stays on Wide Track
    • Head Stays Anchored (it does not turn with torso)
    • Back hand tucked deep into pocket (keep arm underwater)
    • Low Rotation Angle (rotate just off your stomach)
    • Shoulder blade touches the air
    • Light flutter of the feet (if necessary to prolong time in drill)


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