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    To prepare the body for running we recommend some Pre Run Preparatory Exercises.



    Before your run you need to prepare the mobility for these regions of the body, in this order of priority:

    1. Spine
    2. Hips
    3. Ankles
    4. Shoulders

    The spine is the main component in your relationship with gravity and conductor of the forces flowing through your body from running. Then your hips and legs are prepared to work with the spine. The mobile shoulders (and arms) play a key roll in helping you use rotation and transferring force from side to side in the running motion.

    We want to thank Melissa Melone, head trainer at Courthouse Fitness West Salem for teaching and demonstrating this routine for us.

    There are three layers to this routine:

    • 5 Minute Routine
    • 15 Minute Routine
    • 30 Minute Routine

    The times given here are just approximate, but give you an idea of how much time you need to do them.

    If you have only the most limited amount of time for your run do the 5 Minute Routine, at least. It is meant to help you prepare the spine, hips and lower legs in the most basic way to get those loosened up and toned for your run.  If you have more time then do the 15 Minute Routine.

    And, on your rest day (from running), or after a light or moderate workout, you may do the 30 Minute Routine to condition your body more thoroughly.

    First, here is the outline for each routine, including a link to the instructions for each one.

    When you are first learning these exercises you may do them in order on the list and go through them just once. Later on, once you are familiar with them, you may go through the list on 2 or 3 cycles, with a certain number of repetitions for each. You will feel more loose and ready on each cycle.


    In your pre-run preparatory exercises you are preparing your joints and tissues to work within their current range of mobility. Do not stretch them in a way that causes them to hurt and thereby tighten up. Instead, you are ‘flexing’ those joints and tissues so that they relax and loosen up and prepare to work in their current capabilities. 

    If you need to increase mobility in a joint or make certain regions of tissue longer, then you may do careful stretching away from your run times. This way the stress on those tissues caused by deeper stretching will have time to heal and adapt before you go running again.



    5 Minute Routine


    15 Minute Routine

    Do all the exercises of the 5 Minute Routine, and

    • Runner’s Stretch
    • Runner’s Stretch with 90 T-Spine Rotation
    • Walking Hip Cradle
    • Walking Hip Circles
    • Walking Lunge with ‘Hands in Prayer’
    • Lateral Lunge Walk
    • “Inchworm” Walk Out To Plank-and-Pushup
    • Air Squat To Stand


    30 Minute Routine

    Do all the exercises of the 5 and 15 Minute Routines, and

    • Farmer Carry (kettle bells)
    • Split Stance Halo with Medicine Ball (or plate)
    • Monster Band “Duck” Walk
    • Goblet Squat with Kettle Bell
    • TRX Row or Band Row


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